Bark & Bliss offers general wellness and preventative care as well as treatment for illness, serious diseases, broken bones and emergency care.

Wellness and Preventative Care

Vaccinations, Heartworm Prevention and Treatment, Parasite Control

  • Wellness and preventative care is at the heart of keeping your pet healthy and living a long life, and starts at the age of 2 months with puppy and kitten wellness visits. 
  • Our Puppy and Kitten Package includes an examination by our veterinarian, their first vaccine, intestinal parasite deworming and heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention and a nail trim – for a great price!
  • Ongoing wellness care including Annual Exams, vaccinations and parasite control are imperative to keeping your pet healthy. 
  • Heartworm prevention is an absolute must here, all year round due to our high population of heartworm positive animals and mosquitoes which carry the disease. We offer many types of heartworm prevention, as well as treatment options if your pet has contracted heartworm disease. 
  • Flea and ticks transmit a large amount of disease and prevention of these is key! We offer several very effective options in both 1 and 3 month doses to prevent fleas and ticks effectively. 

Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory

Radiology, Ultrasonography, Blood Chemistries, Fecal Evaluation, Urinalysis

  • Bark and Bliss is a full service hospital. We offer digital radiology (x-ray) for evaluation of bones, organs and ultrasonography for more detailed evaluation of masses, and organ architecture.
  • We have a full lab to evaluate bone marrow function, thyroid, liver and kidney function, urinary health and fecal evaluation on site and in minutes.

Surgical and Dentistry

Spay and Neuter, Soft Tissue Surgery, Dental Cleanings and Extractions

  • We have a very well equipped surgical suite and an extremely experienced surgeon at Bark and Bliss. Dr. Meghann has done over 50,000 soft tissue surgeries during her career and is very skilled in anesthesia and soft tissue surgery. We routinely perform spays and neuters, as well as mass removals, and also perform more complicated procedures such as amputations, gastropexies, splenectomies and nephrectomies when needed. 
  • Dental health is very important and poor dental health can lead to tooth loss, heart disease, as well as liver and kidney damage. Routine dental exams and cleanings are recommended to keep your pet in their best health. We are equipped to do dental cleanings as well as simple and complicated extractions here at Bark and Bliss.

Emergency and Intensive Care

Hospitalization and Critical Care, After Hours Emergency Care

  • Bark and Bliss offers 24 hour emergency care and maintains an after hours call system to alert us to emergency needs of pet patients in Providenciales.
  • Our team also manages critical care patients and hospitalized patients in the hospital, providing treatments, IV fluids and monitoring during business hours, as well as after hours.

Senior Wellness, Breeding Pets and Neonatal Care

special care & support

  • Senior pets require special care to support their changing needs. Their metabolic requirements change as they age, as does cognitive ability and mobility. Our team is prepared to help your senior pet live their best life with treatments, nutrition and supplements.
  • Neonatal animals are especially fragile and their best care starts before they are born with expert care of the breeding dogs. Breeding dogs that receive the proper wellness care produce healthier pups that are more robust and hearty.

Pet Importation & Exportation

assistance & support

  • Importation to the Turks and Caicos is a complicated process and we can help!  We are very versed in the requirement for importation here and can provide assistance with a consult, every step of the way. 
  • We also offer Exportation assistance and consultation for traveling from the Turks and Caicos to other parts of the world. 
  • We provide the necessary Sanitary Certificate and Exam for leaving the islands, as well as offer a service to handle the processing of the paperwork for you, so there is no need to interrupt your vacation.

Laser Therapy

pain management & treatment

  • Bark and Bliss has 2 class IV lasers for providing superior pain management and treatment for acute and chronic conditions such as: bladder infections, soft tissue injuries, wound treatment, chronic arthritic changes, ligament and tendon injuries, inflammation from extractions, and faster healing after surgery. 
  • Laser is painless and provides quick and drug free pain and inflammation relief for our patients. 


cut, style, bath & fluffS!

Bark and Bliss has a full time professional groomer on staff to get your pet looking their best. We offer both cut and style, and bath and fluffs to cover the needs of all haircoat types.

Full Pharmacy

fully stocked pharmacy

Bark and Bliss has a fully stocked pharmacy of medications for the management of the various conditions our patients have. We carry both name brand and generic options where possible to keep treatments affordable.

Nutrition and Supplies

Pet food, Treats & Supplies

  • Bark and Bliss proudly carries Purina Proplan maintenance and veterinary diets. They have a full line of products for all stages of life and provide complete nutrition.
  • We offer several different types of treats as well, from safe sources, for our patients to enjoy. 
  • Bark and Bliss maintains a sizeable retail space which offers leashes, collars, pet beds, bowls, scratching posts, toys, chew bones, kennels and travel carriers.